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Do you want to explore places without being broke? If yes, then you need to have a look at these travel hacks. They will not only help you travel on a budget but also cut out any extra expense from your travel.




1. Switch to the private or incognito mode for cheaper online tickets


When you log in or click on any website, the site installs cookies on your browser. Whenever you surf online for tickets, you’ll find a little raise in prices every time you go back to the same site. To avoid this, open a new tab on private or incognito mode and then search. The site fails to install any sort of cookies and you’ll be able to find reasonable prices for your train or air tickets.


2. Pick the right travel season


Travelling on a budget does not only include traveling to cheaper places, but you can also travel to expensive places if you plan it out properly. Do not travel during the peak season, you’ll have to pay double the price. Choose a season when the countries are not packed with tourists. This way you’ll save money and you’ll be able to travel better by avoiding crowds.


3. Watch what you eat


Eating out is a big part of your expense. When you travel, you eat outside a lot and therefore, you must keep a check on that. Restaurants and hotels can be pretty expensive. While travelling to any country, try eating their local cuisine. You’ll experience a new cuisine every time you travel and you’ll save a lot of money. Local food costs less, it is way cheaper than restaurants and franchises.


4. Make use of public transport


Wasting money on travel is the biggest mistake that you can do while travelling on a budget. Every country has a public transport facility, make use of that. You won’t even know but you’ll save a lot of money while travelling. It will make you travel a lot cheaper than you thought. You’ll also be able to interact with a lot of locals and get an authentic experience of travelling. You can also rent a bike; it is cheaper than taxis in most countries.


5. Find deals on hotels


Accommodation is a huge part of your travel and you need to find good deals on hotels if you want to travel cheap or on a budget. This does not mean that you have to slum down your travel. You can stay at some fantastic hotels and still save money. Research a little bit. Compare and analyze as to which sites are giving you the best deals on hotels


6. Book a last-minute cruise


If you have time and can spend a few more days travelling, book a cruise last minute. Surprisingly, when you book a cruise last minute, it is way cheaper than flights. You’ll not only save money but also experience the cruise travel. Meals and entertainment are usually free on cruises, you’ll enjoy a lot while simultaneously saving money


7. Carry an empty reusable water bottle.


Spending on the water can seem like a small issue but it affects your travel expense quite largely. In some countries, water bottles can be pretty expensive. Even in airports, they sell water for double the price. If you carry an empty bottle, you can fill and refill it multiple times and it won’t cost you a single dime! Plus, it also saves the environment.


8. Pick the right credit card


Several credit cards give amazing deals on travel. Learn how to use points on your card and then use them wisely. Some cards even let you book your flights for free, it all depends on how you use the card. Having the right credit card can help you if you want to travel on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on travel if you plan it properly. A little research and analysis on the country that you are travelling to, can help you make a reasonable budget for your travel

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