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How to pack a suitcase in 30 minutes?



Ever wanted to just leave the city for once? Ever wanted to find an escapade for a tranquil weekend? Ever wished to have a super cool unplanned trip for some days?

For all those who cannot figure out how to lessen the hours spent to pack your baggage, keep on reading. Now no need to pack extra things or extra clothing for you. You have to decide whether you are going for a long trip or a short trip. Number of days and act accordingly. Make a note of what things you actually need before packing. Here are the simple ways on how you can pack your baggage within 30 minutes!

1. Decide a suitcase:

Deciding a suitcase is the first step. Depending upon the duration of the weekend trip, take out a handbag or suitcase or a backpack. Firstly, pack your small backpack. It almost contains some cosmetics items, passport, air or train tickets, valid identity cards, and important documents. Bottle, keys and some vital things like medicines, if any.


2. Write down what things you need:

Before packing your baggage, make a list of what all things you actually need. Be it garments, cosmetics, shoes, eateries, water, juices or anything else.


3. Garments to wear:

When there is a trip, there are many garments, especially for a girl. Pleasantly gather your favorite garments and pack them in a suitable bag or a suitcase. Remember, you at least need 3 pairs of clothes per day, in case of girls.

Example: if you practice yoga or exercise in the morning, then yoga pants and t back top, one pair for morning breakfast, outing and lunch and night suit for the sleep. You can also pick bulkier items such as jeans, sweatshirts, overcoats in order to wear on the plane. If you are visiting a beach place, then swimsuit, jumpsuit or any nylon wear along with colorful one-pieces. Iron them to keep them pleasant for the entire trip. Wear comfortable clothing while traveling too. Moreover, you need to plan your outfits per day and as per the trip visit plan.


4. Essentials:

Next comes the bathroom essentials and other accessories. Girls need a lot of accessories as compared to guys. Girls need a towel, sunscreen lotion, spare undies, scarves, spare t-shirts, extra trousers, extra sweaters, facewash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, deodorant, perfumes, after bath gel and lots more. You should pack these all things within 10 minutes.



5. Plan out garments for each day:

For leisure trips, plan out garments for each day just like you make a to-do list at a particular spot. What to wear when, it is what you need to decide perfectly. Likewise, you need necessary accessories like matching scarves, earrings, ornaments, undergarments, socks, shoes, make up kit, clutches, sunglasses, hat, cap and lots more. Moreover, you can always carry extra clothing, if they get spoiled, but ensure these are extremely light in weight. You can also wear 2 or 3 jeans with various color tops and shirts.



6. Shoes:

As we have mentioned in the above point you need to take necessary accessories, shoes are one of them. Shoes are some of the things you need to change as per the place you visit.



7. Essential Electronics:

If you are going for a longer trip, you must carry a mobile phone, ipad, laptop (if you wish to), camera like GoPro (in case you are an avid traveller), power bank, chargers for all, your wallet and lots more.



8. Wallet and monetary items:

The most important thing you need is a wallet. It should have enough cash, credit card, debit card, ATM Card to withdraw cash money and important plastic cards. Moreover, carry home keys and locker keys too.


9. Medicines:

Whether you are a healthy person or a person with an underlying medical condition, you need to have medicines with you. Like paracetamol, headache, vomit and fever tablets to keep you healthy and fit during trips. Also, carry chocolates and dry fruits and fruits on the trip to avoid weakness.


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