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Tour To Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa

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If you love the sea, nature and adventure sports this is the place for you. Far from the hustle of the Town, Jeffrey’s bay is all about embracing nature.

Surfing is at the heart of this place and it is one of the five most famous surfing destinations and even hosts the annual World Surf League (WSL) surfing event at Super Tubes during July.

Top places to visit

Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour

If you have ever imagined a perfect blend of nature and adventure sport, then this is for you. Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour is a continuous tree-based Tree Top Canopy Tour. The tour takes you through the rainforest, stopping at 10 platforms which allow you marvel the unique eco wilderness. For your diverse food needs, an onsite restaurant has got you covered which provides a complimentary lunch after the tour. Intertwined with nature’s foliage, yellow woods, and rich wildlife, the experience is guaranteed to make your heart pump and your eyes dreamy.


Pabala Private Nature Reserve

Pabala Private Nature Reserve is located 30km from Jeffreys Bay and 78km from the Nelson Mandela Bay Airport. However, it is not your usual nature reserve. The area provides you not only a view but rather rich experiences that you get to choose from their diverse selection. You decide whether you fancy grabbing a Kayak and paddling upstream on the Gamtoos, or lacing up those hiking boots for an exploration trail The wildlife expeditions are a must have. Pabala offers a wide variety of fishing excursions. From Night fishing on a Cabin Boat to Deep Sea charters, as well as Sunrise Fishing on Kayaks or Surf Fishing and so much more.


The Bloukrans Bridge

Standing at a height of 216m above the Bloukrans River, The Bloukrans Bridge is the world’s highest and largest single span commercial concrete arch bridge. It is home to the world’s highest Bungy Jump from a bridge, a smooth bungee with specialist equipment and technology. The bungee jump is operated by a company called Face adrenaline which gives you a clue what to expect from this amazing destination.


Papiesfontein Horse Rides

Established in 1996, the Papiesfontein Horse Rides can be found 10 km outside of Jeffreys Bay on your way to Port Elizabeth on the R102. Usually, they take a 13 km route lasting 2-2.5 hours. The rides take you through the bush to the marvelous Gamtoos river and from the river, you go to the dunes along the beach. The horse rides are sure to provide a relaxing time after you have engaged yourself with other adrenaline-inducing activities. With magnificent views, you can get ample opportunity to spot a variety of exotic bird species, tortoises, plants, and marine life.


Jeffrey's Bay Shell Museum (Charlotte Kritzinger Shell Museum)

If you are a sea shell enthusiast, this place is a haven for you. The museum houses local seashell collections that would not only widen your understanding of different types of shells but also please your eye while you’re at it. If you’re traveling with family, make sure that your kids do not miss this spot.



South Africa may be known for its fantastic surfing, but there’s plenty of fun to be had on the dunes as well. Trained guides will provide you the outfit and equipment and teach you the basics of sandboarding which is similar to snowboarding. This two-hour activity is fun and easy to learn. You can choose from Stand Up Sandboarding Sand Surfing or Sand Sledding.



You cannot visit Jeffrey’s Bay and not try surfboarding. While there are many surf schools available, one of my favorites is the Jeffrey’s bay surf school. They provide surf guides, rental equipment and surf camps spanning 7 nights. Enjoy a fun surfing experience with one of the best in the industry



Kitchen Windows Beach Restaurant

Kitchen Windows Beach Restaurant is one of the oldest and the most popular restaurants in Jeffrey’s Bay. it is located on the Kitchen windows, a surf spot, and promises a panoramic view of the ocean. An award-winning wine list features the best of South African wines. Serving a variety of fresh seafood, matured-steaks, pizza and lots of vegetarian options, it is a favorite among the kids and adults alike.



Best time to visit

Jeffrey’s Bay has pleasant weather all times of the year but if you wish to catch the best events including the annual surfing league and musical festivals, we recommend you visit in July.


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